Droudis friend accused of lying to court

A prosecutor has accused an elderly family friend of Amirah Droudis of fabricating evidence to help her get out of custody and be reunited with her family.


Droudis, 37, has pleaded not guilty to murdering the former partner of Sydney siege gunman Man Haron Monis in April 2013 and is on trial in the NSW Supreme Court.

Senior crown prosecutor Mark Tedeschi QC on Thursday told Kyriacou Fakih, 69, he thought she was supporting Droudis’ alibi that she was at her parents’ Belmore home when the murder took place because she was “dying for (Droudis) to come home”.

Mrs Fakih, a neighbour of Droudis’ parents and a regular visitor at their home, told the court she and Droudis were both visiting on the afternoon of Sunday, April 21, at the time Monis’ 30-year-old ex-wife was stabbed and then set alight.

Mrs Fakih said she distinctly remembered Droudis was there that day because she was helping her ailing father shower.

When he came out of the bathroom his towel fell off, exposing his buttocks.

“It was funny,” Mrs Fakih said through a Greek interpreter.

Mr Tedeschi asked Mrs Fakih why she remembered the exact date of such an “unremarkable incident”.

“Do you think it is possible that you have got the date wrong?” he asked.

“Would you admit you have got some other dates wrong?”

“I don’t recall anything anymore,” Mrs Fakih replied.

Mr Tedeschi put to Mrs Fakih that she never saw Droudis at her parents’ home on the afternoon of April 21 and that her desire for her to get out of jail was what motivated her evidence.

“Are you dying for her to come home and look after her (family)?” he asked.

“Of course, because she is no killing nobody,” Mrs Fakih replied in English.

“Would you be prepared to fabricate evidence to try to assist her to come back and be reunited with (her family)?”

“No, I do not fabricate things. I tell the truth,” she said.

The judge-alone trial is continuing.